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Despite efforts to promote equality and implement anti-bullying programs, transgressive behavior can occur in various settings. The data indicate that annual cases amount to around 3% of employees or staff in organizations. Unwanted behavior may include aggression, violence, discrimination, bullying, and sexual intimidation. To address this issue, organizations should have a Confidential Counselor, an empathetic and impartial role, to support individuals who have experienced a violation of their personal integrity.
While businesses could appoint an internal HR or People Ops staffer, concerns about neutrality and confidentiality may arise. In such cases, contracting an external Confidential Counselor is a viable solution.
We are Confidential Counselors to provide empathetic and lawful support to individuals facing such violations. Unlike mediation, the role of Confidential Counseling involves supporting the reporting individual exclusively.
We are certified Confidential Counselors since 2018, registered with LVV, and affiliated with the Dutch organization "De Vertrouwenspersoon" (The Confidential Counselor).

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About Confidential Counseling

This section is under construction, please contact us for details!

What are the responsibilities of a Confidential Counselor? There are three core tasks:
1. Providing support, guidance, and advice to complainants and reporters.
2. Educating, informing, and inspiring the organization.
3. Offering requested and unsolicited advice to the board and management.
Is a Confidential Counselor legally mandatory?
No, not yet. However, there is a legislative proposal currently under consideration by the Second Chamber of Parliament, as a Confidential Counselor can help prevent escalations and absenteeism. Therefore, it's recommended to have this in place already.
We work with all organizations where human beings collaborate and interact with each other.
This doesn't necessarily need to be a 'workplace'. We also work for professional sports/athlete organizations, volunteering organizations, and NGOs.
What makes us stand out is that we offer entirely managed services.
We collaborate with the customer's HR or People Ops team to create a policy regarding desired conduct and guide the reporter or instigator.

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About the Team

I'm Kirsten Heukels. I assumed the role of a Confidential Counselor with the purpose of offering compassionate and legally sound assistance to individuals who encounter inappropriate behavior in the workplace. My collaboration with the People or HR teams of our clients ensures the sustained success of their organizations. Constructing a thriving and all-embracing organizational culture requires an investment of time, but the rewards over the long term are substantial, contributing to the development of robust and flourishing workplaces.Distinguishing itself from mediation, the role of Confidential Counseling revolves around providing exclusive support to the reporting individual. My expertise lies in establishing secure environments for those in need, while upholding the values of confidentiality and professionalism.Since 2018, I have held certification as a Confidential Counselor, with registration under LVV and affiliation with the Dutch entity "De Vertrouwenspersoon" (The Confidential Counselor).

I'm Barbara Wolters. Kirsten and I have shared a lengthy professional journey. I began as an Insight Discovery certified Trainer, and soon I'll be expanding my role to include being a Confidential Counselor. My conviction is that establishing a robust Confidential Counseling framework within organizations has a positive impact on employee performance and can help mitigate burnout. In environments that prioritize inclusivity, individuals experience a heightened sense of belonging and psychological security. This comfort in being themselves leads to increased engagement, productivity, and a strong motivation to deliver their best work.I'm committed to advancing my expertise by enrolling in the official LVV course scheduled for November 2023. My aim is to have my certifications completed before 2024. While my current interactions don't extend to our clients, I'm eagerly anticipating the opportunity to begin this aspect of my work.

Success Stories

Since 2018, we have steadily expanded our customer base.
We have supported numerous cases and have ensured positive outcomes for those who reached out in despair as well as the (alleged) wrongdoers and for their organizations.
We are proud to have heard one of the organization's leaders mention that our Services have led to a more people-centric organization and resulted in a steep decline in legal fees.Why not join these organizations, become a customer, and ensure a vital and safe workplace?

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This section is under construction, please contact us for details!

Pricing & Packages

We believe that high-quality Confidential Counseling should be available for all organizations. Therefore we have bundled the onboarding, availability to handle cases, and reporting as a Service. Depending on the size of your organization, we can welcome you as a customer starting at less than 100 euros per Month*.* Case handling is excluded and will be charged separately at our regular rates.We offer packages for:







Reach out to us today to discuss your specific requirements and needs. Let's work together to create a tailored solution so that you can provide a safe and welcoming environment for your teams. We will shape a Confidential Counseling solution that aligns perfectly with your organization's values, to empower your team, enhance collaboration, and elevate your organization.We look forward to hearing from you!

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Awareness, and behavior training

In today's dynamic business landscape, nurturing a culture of collaboration and safety is paramount. Transgressive behavior can erode teamwork and reputation and carries costs beyond emotional distress – reduced engagement, productivity, and legal risks.
Our approach as Confidential Counselors at 1for2 Social Innovation emphasizes training and enablement to optimize collaboration and foster a positive organizational culture. The role of a confidential external counselor is pivotal in addressing such behavior, preventing conflicts from escalating.
We offer in-person training sessions, tailor-made to empower your team members with essential tools and insights to thrive both personally and professionally.Our Approach:
We understand that fostering awareness and shaping behavior requires a delicate touch. That's why we operate as your trusted confidential counselors. Our experienced facilitators create a safe and judgment-free space for open dialogue and self-discovery. We focus on enhancing emotional intelligence, stress management, and interpersonal skills, enabling your employees to navigate challenges with resilience and empathy.
Investing in training curtails risks, enhancing engagement and productivity while reducing burnout and legal disputes. 1for2 Social Innovation equips organizations with tools to mitigate transgressive behavior through accessible training – in-person and digitally. Your journey to a thriving workplace starts with us.


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